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Dungeon & Slayer skill expansion - Sept. 2019
Sep 11, 2019 - 1:35 PM - by Cache
Today I want to test out the waters and see how the majority of the players feel about some changes, as well as some new content!

Some things you should consider:

You can vote on more than one option.

Some choices rely on similar updates to be passed and may cause one to win majority vote but not be implemented to the server due to the main idea receiving a losing vote.

Remove 'Mummies' from Vannaka slayer tasks
This would make mummies tasks only obtainable through Mazchna.

Add 3rd tier slayer master 'Duradel' for Boss tasks only
Duradael will be a slayer master that only hands out boss tasks.

Lower cost of 'reset-task' to 100k, 250k, and 500k respectively
The cost to reset slayer tasks will be changed to 100k for Mazchna, 250k for Vannaka, and lastly 500k for Duradel.

Allow Key dungeon bosses to assigned with boss tasks
If those comes to pass, players will be able to be assigned key dungeon bosses whilst on a boss task given by Duradel.

Allow all slayer monsters in Ikov dungeon (Mithril drag / Barb spirit dungeon) to be attacked without task
This would allow all of the monsters in Ikov dungeon to be attacked even if you do not currently have a task containing them. This would only be for the monsters in Ikov dungeon only.

Change Green & Blue dragons to Mazchna task
A task to slay these dragons can currently only be given by Vannaka so this would instead make them only obtainble through Mazchna.

Add Red & Black dragons also to Mazchna task
This would make all dragons tasks only given by the low-tier master Mazchna.
Add Gargoyles, Bloodveld, and Aberrant Specter slayer monsters throughout Ikov dungeon
These monsters will be new tasks given by mid-tier master Vanakka.

Add 'berserker necklace' effect +20% dmg increase along with -10% def bonus
This update would make the berserker necklace a coveted piece of enchanted jewelry indeed. This rare work of art can grant a +20% increase to a player's damage dealt yet forfeiting over -10% of the user's defence.

Change req. to wield all hatchet/pickaxes equal to WC/Mining level
Instead, wielding an axe or pickaxe would require the following:
Bronze - level 1 woocutting/mining
Iron - level 1 woocutting/mining
Steel - level 6 woocutting/mining
Mithril - level 21 woocutting/mining
Adamant - level 31 woocutting/mining
Rune - level 41 woocutting/mining

In addition ALL axes and pickaxes will have stats similar to bronze, making them a useless in the battlefield.

Give Spunky a burger
Do NOT vote for this because he doesn't deserve it.

Feel free to express your thoughts and ideas about this week's poll below.
16 Replies | 22,144 Views
Fixes 9:9:2019
Sep 09, 2019 - 10:47 AM - by Pro Noob
  • Fixed a potential crash with task system.
  • Fixed a duel dupe
  • Fixed a trade dupe
  • Fixed issue offering / removing items from trade
  • Fixed issue offering / removing items from duel
  • Fixed a thieving issue with gem stall
  • Increased the experience overall from thieving stalls
  • Fixed a teleport issue
  • Berserker necklace is now tradeable and noteable.
  • Easter bunny is fed up with people taking his stuff and his pal black knight titan. If you are caught your items will SUFFER!
6 Replies | 5,095 Views
First Order of Business
Aug 30, 2019 - 10:39 PM - by Cache
Hello everyone,
Let's jump straight into it.
The first order of business is the slight changes to the staff team.
One of our moderators Jabast has come to me personally to announce his resignation from the team
following a ton of upcoming events in his life that take precedence over his position. The team wishes him
well with all future endeavors and there will always be a spot on the team for him.
On the up-side, I'd like to announce the following promotions to Trial Moderator:
  • Luhan
  • Rift

Let's give them both a round of applause and wish them good luck. Do us proud.

In addition, a section on the forums will be made dedicated to reviewing and furthering the growth of
our members of staff. I hope you all take the time to regularly utilize them as it serves as the perfect
opportunity to express your thoughts and concerns.

You can write a review today on the 'Dodian Server' forum -> 'Staff Rants & Reviews'

Moving onto the server, our developer has been working tirelessly to ensure everything is done properly and up to par with the players.

Some things you can expect to see in the next update:
  • New party balloons event to release rare items
  • Revamped player's online menu
  • ::commands menu
  • Player positioning / location is now supported
Other changes:
  • Exp lamp rewards have been cut in half
  • A custom Staffzone has been created
  • Legend's Guild chest has been fixed following a bug
  • An issue with NPC sizing has been corrected
  • Several typo errors have been changed.
You can expect some more updates to go LIVE by September 6th

Some things you can expect to see in the next line of updates:
  • Brimhaven island expansion
  • Tai Bwo Wannai village expansion
  • Special attacks overhaul for all weapons
  • Prayer skill revamp
  • Sneak-peak of this year's Holiday events
12 Replies | 4,849 Views
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