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Default update ideas

I have many ideas for updates here are some:
Firstly, Crystal key should be use-able from bank such as every other key is for key equality.
2nd, making wilderness active and maybe incorporating a bounty system/bounty shop.( bosses draw more traffic to the wild, & so do skilling opportunities, & events.)
3rd, Godwars boss's and all of the corresponding drops.
4th, adding a prayer script to the source or maybe finding one with one intact for pk interactions.
5th, creating a special bar for the weapons corresponding to those with special attacks for bettering quality of pking.
6th, Addition of capes: Infernal cape- Completionist cape- Team capes(Team capes for the addition of Clan wars or many other wilderness uses)
Lastly, adding exciting weapons to the server such as: Elder maul - Dragon claws - Dragon Warhammer- Armadyl Godsword- Bandos Godsword- Zamorak Godsword. ( my reason being is Dodian needs a revamp and can't follow the old ways much longer in order to expand and achieve great heights!

Thank you for all your time and consideration!

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