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Originally Posted by Zkiller View Post
Disclaimer: There has been a cash sink, so the GP value will now reflect that and the current demand compared to the old guide from Goku (thanks Goku for the old guide btw)

Note: Current GP in circulation - 2.4B


Rune Scim: 100k
Granite Maul: 250k
Dragon Long: 500k
Dragon Scim: 2M
D2H: 4M (this dragon item has a chance of healing)
Abby Whip: 40M

[Current max with full melee is 38 - DFH, DFS, whip, barrows gloves, ring of charos, full skele, fury, d boots, and skill cape]

Magic Shortbow: 100k
Crystal Bow: 2-3M (it has been pointed out that the DPS of magic shortbow is higher than the crystal bow at the moment due to the arrow speed)
Seercull: TBD (not enough getting sold at the moment, so assume 70M+)

Rune Arrows: 5k ea
Addy Arrows: 3k ea
Mith Arrows: 1-2k ea
Iron Arrows: 500 ea
Bronze Arrows: 250 ea

[Current max with full range is 47 - spined top and bottom, ranger set, rune arrows, fury, ring of charos, seercull, barrows gloves, and book of balance with same tick speed as whip]

God Staves: 250k from general store
Ancient Staff: 3M
Master Wand: 70M+

Bloods: 2k ea
Natures: 1k ea
Cosmic: 10k ea

[Current max with full mage is 55 no crit no pot with ice barrage and 54 with blood - full infinity, fury, ring of charos, master wand, holy book, and skill point cape with range being about 1.1-1.2 times faster in dps]


Skele Top/Bottoms: 15M ea
DFH: 20M
DFS: 40M
Dragon Boots: 20M
Barrows gloves: 15M
Dragon Gloves: 1M
Crystal Shield: 3M
Dragon Pieces: 1M ea
Unholy Book: 25M (same str as DFS, but little to no defense)
Rune Pieces: 100k ea
Beserker Helm: 1M
Warrior Helm: 250k

Black D'Hide Pieces: 100k ea
Spined Top: 35M
Spined Bottom: 35M
Spined Helm, Boots, & Gloves: 10M (due to not being BIS, but does give defense)
Robin Hat: 20M
Robin Boots: 20M
Book of Balance: 35M
Archer Helm: 1M

Infinity Top/Bottom: 35M
Infinity Hat: 30M
Infinity Boots/Gloves: 20M
Holy Book: 35M
Mystic Pieces: 250k ea

Fury: 70M
Ring of Charos: 15M
Glory: 15M
Ring of Wealth: 20M
Beserker Necklace: 100M (if released with poll & Fury will drop to 50M)
Strength Necklace: 100k
Power Necklace: 50k


Lobs/Swords/Monks: 500 ea
Shark: 2k ea
Turtle: 3k ea
Manta: 4k ea

Ranging Pot: 25k ea
Super Pots: 25k ea
Mage Pot: 25k ea


Skill Lamps: 3M-5M ea
Chef's Hat: 5M
Cooking Guants: 1M
Highway Mask: 500k
Santa: 2M
Ice Gloves: 500k-1M


Christmas Cracker: 150M
Purple Phat: 125M
Green Phat: 125M
Blue Phat: 115M
White Phat: 115M
Red Phat: 100M
Yellow Phat: 100M

Deco Plate: 115M
Deco Legs: 115M
Deco Sword: 130M
Fire Cape: 100M
Rubber Chicken: 50M
Black/Tan Cavs: 25M ea
Black/White/Blue Berets: 25M ea
Pirate Hat: 15M

All skillers: Please let me know what y'all would believe the skilling items would be best priced at and I'll add those.
The Abyssal Whip price is incorrect. Correct price 20-25m
Arrows pricing is also incorrect: [Rune arrows 3k] Adamant arrows: 2k [Mithril arrows: 1k] steel arrows(in bulk not from the shop which is limited): 500gp [Iron arrows: 150gp]
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