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Default What is going on?

Update! It looks like Volume/RuneLives didn't want to fuck us over, he just seem to have other plans. I have not been informed of anything that he wanted to do in regards to disband our partnership. However it's safe to say that there won't be a partnership between RuneLives and Dodian anymore.

I believe some people had their doubts about the partnership. Some people also have their doubts about me delivering any work. I wanted to engage the partnership because it unites the community, as opposed to divide it. That said I have no strong motivation to try and compete with anybody else. I just want a decent server for the community I've been a part of the past 10 years or so of my life. Now this will have to happen without the partnership.

Now the big question you might have is; "WHEN ARE YOU RELEASING THE NEW DAMN SERVER!??". To answer this question; I know I've taken my time doing nothing and "promising" a lot. I have no time frame (sorry), but I'm working out the new website so we have that settled. Two things left to do there really; finish the two factor authentication and Discord integration. When this is done I can start piecing together the Dodian content on the new server base.

In terms of contributing, the new server will also remain open source. There are however very lacking documentation on how to contribute towards Dodian's open source projects as of yet. However I will get to work on those later on. So right now I don't think contributing is feasible unless you have experience with Git and Java programming.


I'm going to keep this rather brief. I personally have no idea what is going on, but we're aware that Volume/RuneLives just deleted the Discord or kicked us out. He didn't notify me in any kind of way and thus I've removed his and Hooch's admin privileges to make sure things stay operational and in good condition. Well, at least not worse condition than prior to their promotions.

At no point in time were they given any access to the infrastructure, they only had site admin, so there should be no reason to fear any breaches coming later on from them.

I will make sure to keep you informed when I learn more about the situation.

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