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Default Brandon's Suggestions

So just a few suggestions I have had while playing over the better half of the last month..

  • I believe the price to reset task shouldn't get higher the higher your slayer level becomes... It should be more of a reward to have cheaper resets the higher you get.. especially in the 90's as that is a huge feat of this server.
  • When using Vannaka you get Mummies far too often, and Black Demon's far too less. I feel they should maybe be switched. Maybe Mummies removed completely.
  • I feel like supplies are quite hard to come by and the slayer npcs involved current could use a boost on drop rates as well as a few more consumables added to each npc.
    Example adding more logs, bars, secondaries (Noted form) dropped by higher tiered npcs like Tzhaar-Kets, Abby Demons, Greater Demons, and Berserker Spirits
  • Potentially make a Slayer Master for The Bosses where you would get 5-10 Black Demons, Head Mourners, Dag Prime (future slayer bosses)
  • The inclusion of Black dragons, and Red dragons should be added to higher level tasks. Also should make Dragonhides be dropped into a note to help boost crafting sales, and production. (Potentially drop as noted tanned hides)

  • I feel the experience gained when fletching is far too low in comparison with Firemaking & Woodcutting. Definitely needs to be adjusted weather you were to make a magic log turn directly into a full bow, and double the experience and completely remove the use of bowstring or maybe double both experience in general. (Although @ doubled experience still marginally lower than firemaking)
  • Adding a shop that sells noted Vials of Water.. having to obtain the vials, and then fill them, and bank is extremely tedious on an already trash skill.
    This would at least remove that task from this skill.
  • Removing the attack bonuses from Rune pickaxes, and wood cutting axes and making them able to be wielded with the acquired woodcutting/mining levels.
  • Skilling lamps are great, but i find the only real skill to do to have a chance to get them would be woodcutting, and thieving a far second.
    I find these are great if you're doing woodcutting or thieving, but as far as every other skill goes the chances of obtaining even as much as a chance to get this is very unlikely. I would like a rework of the current system in place, and or making it so the random event pops up more often on more skills.
  • Should revamp the way we add feather to arrow shafts, and putting arrowtips onto headless arrows. Current system works well, but I don't believe there is any real reason this mindless tasks shouldn't beable to just be set at least at 1000 per action.
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