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Pro Noob 05-12-2024 11:55 PM

Server Crashes
I am not sure if you know but the past two weeks we have had on and off with server crashes. This is not ideal and we on the staff team are sorry about the trouble it have caused. The crashes have been resolved but we are still on the look out incase of other issues.
As a compensation there is a mysterious cow in Yanille lurking around that might have something for you. He will not stay for long so hurry up :D

Another note is that this week plan on releasing the bosses will be delayed. The delay will be Late May or early June instead of late May.
This also means that the farming skill will be delayed until late June / Early July.

Other fixes:
- You can once again smith bars from mithril to runite on the anvil.
- Coins can not be sold to a store.

Neosback 05-13-2024 04:44 AM

Nice! Let me know if anything else comes up :)

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