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Pro Noob 09-22-2019 06:12 PM

Update 9:23:2019
We have added new monster to Ikov dungeon. The monsters are as follow:
  • Gargoyle
  • Mummy (No orange key required)
  • Bloodveld
  • Aberrant spectre
  • Ice warrior
  • Wolves
  • Ice giants
Bloodveld, Aberrant spectre and Gargoyle are new tasks from Vannaka. These are required to have in order to attack them inside Ikov dungeon.

Berserker now have had a equipment bonus added if you have a obsidian weapon aswell as the necklace equipped. These will lower your defence during pve combat by 10% but give a 20% damage increase in pvp or pve.

Other update:
  • Changed reset of a slayer task to be 100k for Mazchna and 250k for Vanakka.
  • fixed Weapon speed on 2h weapons
  • fixed so you can no longer use genie lamp during duel
  • Nerfed the xp lamp to be 250 * your skill level.
  • Added so you can get a random event from all none combat skills.
    Aka from making stuff to gathering stuff.
  • Added a rest function to gathering skills.
  • Added so you get xp lamp 100% of the time.
  • fixed so you can use shears on sheep.
  • Fixed magic doing unintentional high damage during pvp combat.
  • Fixed so you can't start the duel unless both duelists got full health.
  • Fixed so the master wand actually require 50 magic to be equipped.

Gizmo 09-25-2019 02:34 AM

One task cancel at Vannaka. I thought I was losing my gp quite quickly.

Pro Noob 09-25-2019 04:49 AM


Originally Posted by Gizmo (Post 1707)

One task cancel at Vannaka. I thought I was losing my gp quite quickly.

Next time report it as a bug. It seems like it still used the old cost for some reason. Will be fixed in a future update.
*edit* I just went ahead and just updated with a fix for it.

Conscio 09-25-2019 07:49 PM

Quality update :)

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