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Pro Noob 08-12-2019 04:52 PM

Update 8:12:2019
Sorry for late update but this is a brief list:
  • Runecrafting have had it's experience increased.
  • Added so you can get extra runes depending on your runecrafting level.
  • Item on magic now have their own seperated timer instead of actions.
  • Added the superheat spell.
  • Added left click on anvil. It will check for your highest tier bar in the inventory.
  • Make 10 now makes all your items while smithing or crafting.
  • Added a kc message for a drop.
  • Alching is now 600 experience per cast.
  • Added a bank all feature.
  • Added slayer reset.
  • Changed crafting requirement on all dhide gear. Some are lower others are higher. Check the skill menu.
  • Crafting now give the same experience regardless of what you make out of the hide. Each hide give different experience.
    This is due to them require 1 hide per craft.
  • Due to popularity the crystal key act like the key dungeon in Yanille.

  • Fixed so that it now takes you back to the magic spell book after each magic on item click regardless if you can do the action or not.
  • Fixed so all magic on item have a 3 tick delay between action.
  • Fixed the formula for dragonfire shield to be as it was intended to be.
  • Fixed a packet issue with moving items.
  • Fixed so you can't get the same task twice in a row.
  • Fixed so smithing items have the same speed regardless of what you are making.
  • Fixed alching and price values on dragonhide items.
  • Fixed player look to be 13 values instead of 18, as these 18 could cause some issues with your apperance.
  • Corrected a spelling mistake with the ring of wealth trigger.
  • Fixed so you can now use the gold craft option on the furnace.
  • Nerfed Decorative and skeletal's bonuses.
  • Fixed bonus to the spined gloves.
  • Balanced the abyssal whip and decorative sword bonuses.
  • Seercull and Crystal bow have had their attack speed swapped.
  • Fixed some bosses not counting towards your total killcount.
  • Fixed an issue with decline a trade in second window.

Fixed a issue with ::loot.
Due to abuse with ::loot over the issue, this command is for staff only (moderators and above).

Jabast 08-12-2019 04:55 PM

Great to see you pump in another update, these QoL changes will definitely be noticeable.

Brrs 08-12-2019 05:29 PM

This is all awesome except i think that you should be able to have a chance to get the same task twice, even if its not as often.

Pro Noob 08-12-2019 05:40 PM


Originally Posted by Brrs (Post 1514)
This is all awesome except i think that you should be able to have a chance to get the same task twice, even if its not as often.

I opt to not do this as people do pay a lot to skip tasks.

Brrs 08-12-2019 06:26 PM

fair enough

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