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Pro Noob 02-24-2023 05:58 PM

Content To Add #9
Now that we are working on prayer, I would like to ask a few things.
Since the restore potion did not pass, I would like to take up on the potions that did not pass.
Note that you need to click on everything you want added and leave the rest blank!
Please have a read through them before decide what you desire to vote for!
Any of the options need 50% passing for us to know that we can add it into the game.
1 vote per person!
The poll will last for one week.
  1. Shall we add prayer potion into the game? It would require level 40 herblore and use 1 ranarr weed + 1 snape grass. It will restore 8 + 25% of your prayer level and give 800 herblore experience.
  2. Shall we add super restore potion? It will require 60 herblore and use 1 Snapdragon and 1 red spider egg. It will restore 10 + 28% of your prayer (No other stat as we already polled about it) and give 1350 herblore experience.
  3. Shall we add a new travel unlock? This will take you to a new area called Canifis.
  4. If above pass, shall we add red spider's, Banshees, vampires and werewolf to this area?
    - Deadly red spider - drops red spider eggs, snapdragon weed, dragon dagger and perhaps more. You'll need slayer gloves otherwise you will get stunged.
    - Banshee - drops essence, cosmic rune, low tier herbs, low tier gear. You will need earmuffs to protect you.
    Vampire - blood rune, adamant items and monk robes, essence, herbs and flax. Need atleast 15 prayer bonus to deal damage, otherwise they start sucking you dry rapidly.
    Werewolf - The town of canifis is infested with all these, they can drop the famous wolfbane dagger, which increse the damage against werewolf and vampires by 200% and have a 1:8 chance to deal doubt damage on top of that. This weapon got 15 prayer bonus and same stats as a rune scimitar but with one tick faster. They also drop herbs and some rune items along with mithril and adamant.
  5. Shall we introduce a slayer helmet? This will require 10 defence to be equipped and you need to combine all tools for slayer (earmuffs, witchwood icon and slayer gloves along with 70 crafting.
  6. If above pass, shall we make the black mask require 1 defence? Some level 1 defence pure have asked and thus I wonder what you guys think.
  7. If the travel question pass, shall we introduce a new pickpocket that requires 85 thieving?
  8. If above pass, shall we make them able to be pickpocketed for a blood shard? This will be able to attach on a fury amulet and have a 1:5 chance to heal whatever you dealt as damage. However they use up a charge per attack and have 10k charges per shard.
  9. If travel pass, shall we introduce a new agility course? We will open up the werewolf agility course that will require 60 agility. We plan to have this course bis experience per hour till 85. However it will reward no agility ticket but will be compensated in the experience gain.

AlbinoKiwi 02-24-2023 07:45 PM

A 3 tick dragon scimitar? That's just gonna be the best weapon in the game. I want to vote for the dagger cause I like niche weapons, but at 3 ticks that's gonna be BIS not niche.

Pro Noob 02-25-2023 12:16 AM


Originally Posted by AlbinoKiwi (Post 3254)
A 3 tick dragon scimitar? I don't think you understand that that's just gonna be the best weapon in the game. I want to vote for the dagger cause I like niche weapons, but at 3 ticks that's gonna be BIS not niche.

Rune scimitar my bad. Not sure where I got dragon scimitar from.

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