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Pro Noob 01-17-2021 07:02 PM

Client update 18th of January 2021
Now that the event is finally over, here are some stuff for the client:
Near the moss giant in yanille is a chapel to use your bones on.

Fixed some textures.
Fixed the Spunky mask.
REmoved the white snow on the ground.
*edit again*
The right jar is now back. If your launcher is having issues like being stuck on checking for a updated jar, please delete the Dodian.jar inside your "C:\Users\USERNAME"

supertje 01-19-2021 02:41 AM

All fixed, if u have already updated with the wrong jar, see @pro noob's edit above and it will be all fine :)

if u still getting troubles, pm me on discord and i wil help u to fix, sorry for fucking up the client... i hope u all can forgive me :)

Redsnow 03-09-2021 06:36 PM

Sweet update!

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