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Pro Noob 04-19-2024 11:31 AM

Update 19/4 - 2024
  • Shantay has been added to Sophanem. He sell various stuff for your desert adventure.
  • Sophanem trapdoor near Shantay now take you downstairs to a bank.
  • The gates in Sophanem to the desert have been made open.
  • Desert heat has been added.
    - Random between 30 - 70 ticks to get hit by the heat.
    - If you do not have any water source with you, you will get hit by a 3 - 15 damage.
    - This pause during carpet ride or in a city.
  • Carpet ride, can take you to 3 different places for 5k coins. Can only do 1 destination at a time.
    - The money can be taken from the bank but priorities your inventory.
    - Pollnivneach, Nardah, Bedabin camp and Sophanem are the destinations.
  • Pollnivneach
    - Here is two gangs brawling it up. Each gang have their miniboss.
    - Witch on the hill have some battlestaffs for sale.
    - Wolfs to the north and Vulture to the west.
  • Nardah
    - Here is a special herbalist that can clean your herbs or put them into a vial of water for a fee. They need to be noted!
    - Kalphites and crocodiles to the west.
    - Jackal and Lizards to the north.
  • Badabin Camp
    - Here are some goats with Billy.
    - To the north is kalphites.
    - To the south is bandits with their miniboss along with some sand crabs.
  • Quarry
    - Surrounding the area is some Scorpions.
    - To the north east is some Mummies.
  • Sophanem
    - West is some locust rider along with Scarab mage.
    - North west near the mine is some tiny scorpions
    - North is some crocodiles

Combat changes
  • King black dragons special attack put a 1 tick delay after landing.
  • Locust rider or Scarab mage changes style at 50% health left.
  • Dragon dagger got a 1:8 chance to double hit.
    - Made more rare from the deadly spiders.
  • Boss respawns now start at 5 or above players by 1 second per extra player (max 35 players aka 30 second reduce)
  • Combat timer now reset if one of your target dies within 16 distance.
  • Ranged weapon's ranged strength have been reduce by 50%
  • Range rapid style now attack 1 tick faster but give no ranged level.
  • Range accurate style give +3 ranged levels.
  • Mace controlled and scimitar's controlled attack stlye now trains shared experience.

Agility changes
  • Were wolf last obstacle is now twice as fast.
  • Stick hand-in is now 4000 experience, down from 5500.
  • King black dragon bone sacrifice now takes you through the gate properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the animation for the wilderness rope would not reset properly.
  • Fixed so whenever you close the client or get dc'd it will continue to do the obstacle and log you out whenever it is done.
  • Wilderness stone obstacle been changed to correct timer.

Client changes
Restart client to apply
  • Fixed a bug with entering amount beyond a certain scope.
  • Added a shift menu swapper for the Bank (bank all), store (buy 10) and Duel/Trade (Offer all)
  • Ctrl + H short cut to teleport home.
  • Ctrl + P short cut to teleport to latest clicked teleport. This setting save upon logout.
  • Sand crabs and rock crabs now show up on map.
  • Fixed Gnome Agility trainer's stand animation.

  • Added decanting function to Jatix in Taverly.
    - Will remove noted vials if you got them in your inventory and he needs them.
    - If he do not need he can give up to 1000 noted vials.
  • Make-over mage's second option added.
  • Changed the price on noted vials to be 0 coins. Unnoted vial price unchanged!
  • Lamp now give 100 xp per level, down from 250.
  • Genie random event now hide your tabs until answer the question.
  • Fixed random teleport when enter cosmic altar.
  • You can no longer interact with a npc if you stand under it. Unchanged with attack interaction.
  • Duel and trade in the confirm window now properly display the items if above the display limit.
  • Done some backend to global item drops.
    - Untradeable items now last for 5 minutes.
    - Tradeable items now display to other players after a minute.
    - Tradeable items despawn after 2 minutes form being shown to everyone.
  • Fixed red spider spawn near deadly red spiders.
  • Added more stuff to the skill menu's.
  • Fixed using bars on anvil not working.
  • Fixed so you can use only bucket on well's and refill it.
  • Fixed various sinks and fountains to work as a water source to fill various items.
  • Fixed the empty option on filled buckets to empty whatever is in it and give just the empty bucket.
  • Yell chat visual text have been changed for regular users. Will revert if you guys do not like it.
  • Various combat items have had their prices reduced. Do ::price itemname, if you are unsure.
  • Chickens have been added to Ardougne.
    - You can cook their raw chicken require level 1 cooking and give 50 cooking xp.
    - This food heal 3 health.
    Edit 2024-04-21
  • Fixed distance and animation for the wall obstacle at Barbarian course.
  • Tanner can once again tan hide if you talk to him.
  • Forgot to mention in previous update: Baba Yaga now correctly reset at 00:00 Gmt aka midnight brittish time.

All times are GMT -5. The time now is 03:03 AM.

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