<a href name="Top"><center></a><b>The Rules of Dodian.net</b>
<b>Last Updated:</b> April 30th, 2019</center>

<p>First of all; playing Dodian is not a right, it's a privilege. So if we in the staff team believe you're a malicious member of the community, we take appropriate action to prevent the situation(s).

<p>Please be nice, use common sense, and follow our simple rules. We don't have a lot of rules, other than what you'd expect. We have a few that might be worth reading, as they'e not considered common sense.

We'll try to be as friendly and lenient as possible. We just want the best experience for the majority of our players, and will do whatever we can to ensure that.

<!--One account per player - An account may have multiple characters!

Two clients per player - Meaning that you may only play two characters at once.
Breaking this rule will get you banned eventually.--></p>