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Pro Noob 03-25-2020 04:13 PM

Server maintanance
We are sorry that we need to put the server offline for a time being.
We do this as the game seems unplayable due to fault in the code to do with packet.

What is a packet?
It is a preformance a player do for example talk to a npc, click a object or attack a npc.

What is the problem?
We are not sure right now, but it has to do with a packet randomly stop working or causing glitches like not being able to pick up items.

Why are you doing this?
We feel like you guys deserv to be able to play without any issues while playing the game.

When will server be back online?
Whenever we found a fix which can take a day or two or even more. If you have any tips on a fix feel free to pm me or the admin.


Psionyx 03-25-2020 07:59 PM

I don't think a little downtime to get things fixed up properly is a bad thing at all. The population has been pretty low the past few weeks anyways, better to go offline while theres 5 people online at best, sometimes 0 depending on time/day, as opposed to going down with 15+ daily like we had going for a bit. Since I started playing, I really can't remember any real downtime happening at all, I think a great job has been done keeping it online!

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