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Default Update 17/2 - 2023

Yanille revamp
I have made abit of changes to our starting city as I feel there was a need to help out new players. The following changes I do hope can help out new players to take on the dodian journey.
  • Ghosts have been added to the basement of the magic tower.
  • Guards and rats have been moved to new places and have had their drops changed
  • Chaos druid warrior have been added alongside the Watchman and they got some nice herblore supplies.
  • Moss giants have been increased in numbers.
  • Some angry dwarf have ganged up near dad.
  • Some mobs in Yanille drop specific dyes which can be used on a cape. Do note that when used on the cape, the dye gets deleted! These dyed capes give better bonus than the black one which you get 100% of the time from a highwayman.
  • New store have been added with some food for you to cook.

Travel system
In catherby there is a Customs officer that can take you around dodian. They charge 1 ticket per destination to unlock. You just need to click on the destination and you will be prompt a message to unlock it. Currently we only got two unlocks that you can do. More to come in the future?

Brimhaven docks
  • Rock crabs have infested the beaches of Brimhaven and are ready to be slaughtered.
  • New boss Dwayne are in command of the rock crabs and have taken it upon himself to kill anyone that dare challenge him. Be aware when he goes below 35% health.
    - Drops the shiny key which can turn any past key into the next key step.
    - Drop dragon sword.
    - Drops pieces of material to make the new rock-shell gear. You need level 60 smithing to put it together.
  • New dungeon which is being guarded by an ancient man, Saniboch. Pay the fee of ship ticket or one time fee of twenty of them to enter his dungeon. Here is a few monsters that you can kill for some loot.
    - Albino bat
    - Jungle horror
    - Cave horror
    Friendly reminder not to forget to buy one witchwood icon from a slayer master before entering the dungeon.
  • Black mask has been added as a drop from the Cave horror. This mask will help you in your slayer grind where you get 15% increase damage and accuracy vs your tasked monster with melee damage.
  • If you take this black mask to a slayer master, you can then imbue it. The imbue effect increase accuracy and damage with 20% for all combat styles vs tasked monster.
Home to a notorious threat that fuming lava. Beneth the sand many have said is diseased but I say it is more smoking hot.

Combat Changes
  • Range strenth is now a new stat. Various gear, arrows and bows give range strength. You can see this with ::max
  • Special attacks from weapon have been temporary removed to be revisited in the future
  • Accuracy for range and melee have now been added.
  • Various bones have been added and most of the bones prayer experience have been adjusted accordingly.
  • Have done some loot table changes to all bosses aswell as monsters in yanille and key dungeon. We are going to address remaining monsters around the world in the near future. If you got suggestions, let us know.
    We are going to start monitoring all drops going forward. This means drop tables might see a change here and there over the few weeks.
  • Ship tickets now drop from bosses aswell as the newly added mobs from the new dungeon.
  • Bosses now have mechanics attached to them
    - San Tojalon randomly buff it's defensive stat while Black knight titan can buff it's strength.
    - Jungle demon now have a chance to do two spells, one that damage and the other that both damage and heal the demon for the damage dealt.
    - Black demon now have a chance to do a magical attack while prime now do a range attack and can buff it's range level (dmg + accuracy) and attack level.
    - Head mourner can now do a swing that deal true damage with 80% of it's maxHit.
    - King black dragon now have 4 different attacks, one magic, one true dmg with 50% of it's melee maxHit, one range attack and one melee attack with 20% increase dmg.
    - Nechrayel now have a chance to buff it's melee stats (attack, strength, defence).
    - Ungadulu now got a range attack.
    - Ice queen now got a magic attack.
    - Battle mages and abyssal guardian now can do a magic attack.
    Do note that the buffed stats do go away over time (1 stat change every 30 seconds).
  • Since we revamped yanille I have gone over bonuses for various capes and changed them.
  • Made it so food now heal properly and you can no longer eat food while at full health.
  • Slayer training have now been adjusted experience wise from x10 to x11 a npc's health. With this I also made a streak bonus every 10, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 task in a row.
  • Duel now got a option to opt into where you can turn off the neglect damage.
  • Ancient magic now have a better casttime inbetween spells. Smoke and shadow got 1.8 second, blood and ice got 2.4 second.
  • You now heal 1/3 of you hit with ancient magic instead of 1/4.
  • Hitpoints now have a skill menu to showcase what each item heals.

  • Forcechat now works correctly with animations for npcs.
  • Fixed health bar showing red while npc was still alive.
  • Ice gloves magic dmg increased from 0.9% to 2.5%.
  • Black mystic no longer requires 10 defence to be equipped.
  • Added a buy x function when you try to buy 10 of a item.
  • Changed it so we now restock items in a store faster depending on how much is missing.
  • Fixed so we now remove over stocked items + fixed so we no longer remove default items when they had 0 stock to begin with.
  • Items now last a minute longer, 120 seconds for you and 60 seconds for everyone else which adds up to 3 minute in total.
  • Fixed items now appear on the correct height.
  • Fixed so 2h and bow are checked properly.
  • Fixed so we now check if you are eligable to equip a item or not when login.
  • Skill menu have been updated for more items in the skill menu.
  • Fixed so boosted stats now works as intended.
  • Added so you can combine all your party hats into a rainbow partyhat. If you get tired of this, just use a knife on the rainbow partyhat.

If you got suggestions post it on the forum or discord
If you got a game breaking bug post it on forum or discord

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Big grin

great stuff mate
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I hit u die
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Nice work Pro. Thx for the update.
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Awesome update! Thanks
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Wow nice, an update
Great work guys.
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Great update
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