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Default NEW Players reporting issue on slayer

It has been brought to my attention ; by new players.

That the slayer master Mazchna should be giving out more lesser demon and skeletal hell hound tasks. was reported that after 4 hours of slayer they hadnt gotten a task (2 people)

Before slayer update, you could kill them freely . even then, brrs and i had spent 3 days getting crystal key pieces.

The current issue is that people see you can get greaters (55) or Develish black demon (60) but cant get the task or even a real chance of getting key before vannaka.

I believe the two ways to go about this ; are to raise level on both demon tasks . OR make skele hounds and lessers more of a thing Mazchna deals with instead of vannaka. players should have key by 70 not start getting it at 70.

4th post today so yeah i was lazy and left informational points out aswell as another way to fix issue. feel free to comment or add to this !
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