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Default Development Update!

Hello again! The past few days I've worked pretty much non-stop on the new server. I will cover information about what I've done so far, what's left to do before alpha/beta and what will happen after alpha/beta has gone public.

Useful Links
- Server Source Code on GitHub
- Community profile on GitHub

I've made the source code public, which means you can follow my progress by looking at commits, or you could contribute by submitting pull requests to the repository.

I believe what you care most about is how far launch of new server is. To give you an honest answer; I have no idea! However I'm working hard on getting things ready.

Previous announcement I mentioned I cleaned out a copy of OS-Scape, and that I had to find a replacement for a library called Quasar. I'm quite sure I've replaced it in a good way that will let us carry forward much quicker.

What have I done so far?
- Made a RSPS by copying code from OSS until I could log in and walk around.
- Implemented a command system.
- Implemented a task system (such as the ones we need to walk a player to an entity, then perform the interaction event when arriving).
- Started on storing of characters
- Implemented a button system so we can add logic to clicking buttons (such as spells, logout button etc).

What's left before a public alpha/beta?
- Integration with website, so authentication is done with website credentials (should be easy and quick to do)
- Finishing character storage (medium complicated, depends how flexible I want to make it)
- Implement NPC spawns system (should be simple enough) (Done)
- Implement NPC drops system (should be simple enough)
- Rip combat out of OSS like I did with the networking bit (can be a bit time consuming)
- Finish entity interaction (objects, npcs, items etc) (can be a bit time consuming).

After alpha/beta has gone public!
Then we continue adding the content that Dodian had, and tweak it until it's Dodian. At the same time we will be working to eliminate bugs (there are likely going to be bugs here and there).

Also I'm not going to make player trading or dueling a priority until alpha/beta has gone public. They should both be quite simple to get done once the rest of the stuff is in place anyway.

Here is some media
- Footage of walk to entity, then interact. (no interaction happens yet, just facing the entity)
- Footage that shows cancelling tasks working. (like teleporting or walking to an entity)
- Footage of Lumbridge home teleport animation/graphics/sounds somewhat working. (mostly to show of the event chain system I made)

Now I understand that this might not seem like a lot of work. Though it has been quite a bit to figure out and test. However going forward it's mostly a matter of moving code from OSS to our own server base, then tweaking it to fit in with my code.

Do I have any time frame for any of this? I don't . However I'm hoping we can have a public alpha/beta server in not too long.

Though next week I'll be gone for a week or two, so very little progress will happen during that time sadly.

Also note that I will every now and then work on fun things, because this is not my job, and I intend to enjoy my time while working on this. That way I'm less likely to burn out (like I've done before).

Once again I thank you for your patience and support! I know you are very patiently waiting for things to happen around here, and despite the amount of time it's taking me (about 3 years!!!) to actually get anything reasonable done.

Come join us on Discord to follow progress more closely, see some sneak-peeks outside of what I post here, and also chat!

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