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Shall we add Sophanem as a travel destination? 9 81.82%
Shall we add Pyramid plunder? 8 72.73%
Shall we add desert carpet transport? 7 63.64%
Shall we add Keris? 10 90.91%
Shall we add Kalphite queen? 10 90.91%
Shall we add Desert heat? 6 54.55%
Shall we add Carper Transportation fee? 6 54.55%
Shall we add a pickaxe store to Sophanem? 7 63.64%
Shall we add a axe store to Canifis? 7 63.64%
Shall we add the function to decant potions from Jatix? 7 63.64%
Shall we add the function to mix potions from Jatix? 7 63.64%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 11. You may not vote on this poll

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Pro Noob
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Default Content To Add #12

Note that you need to click on everything you want added and leave the rest blank!
Please have a read through them before decide what you desire to vote for!
Any of the options need 50% passing for us to know that we can add it into the game.
1 vote per person!
The poll will last for one week.
  1. Sophanem
    - Cost 1 ship ticket
    - Access to monsters such as Scabaras, Jackal's, crocodile and desert lizards.
  2. Pyramid Plunder
    - New thieving activity to steal artifacts.
    - 5 minutes to steal what you can.
    - Pottery, Stone and Gold artifacts from urns.
    - Pottery = 1 charge per item, Stone = 2 and Gold = 4.
    - Gold coffin (middle chest)
    * Chance to get a random event of a Scarab swarm attacking you, mummy attacking you or just deal damage.
    * Each steal give a chance of a random artifacts or the Pharaoh's sceptre.
    - Pharaoh scepter have 3 different teleports in the desert. Sophanem, Kalphite lair, Agility Pyramid.
    - Pharaoh scepter can hold maximum 10 / 20 / 30 charges at level 50/70/90 thieving.
  3. Desert carpet transport
    - Take yourself to Oasis (near kalphite lair)
    - Pollniveach, a city full of thieves
    - Nardah, a city of empty promisses
  4. Keris
    - Double damage against bugs (Kalphites or Scabaras)
    - 1:8 chance to do twice the damage on bugs (Kalphites or Scabaras)
  5. Kalphite queen
    - Need 20 ship ticket (2 minimum and rest can be coins)
    - Up to 2 players can get loot! Like how Jad is up to 5.
    - Melee only!
    - drops: 1 ourg bone 100%, Dragon pickaxe, Dragon axe and Keris
  6. Desert heat
    - Need no water in the cities.
    - Outside the cities you start to become thirsty.
    - Each 20 - 50 ticks (12 - 30 seconds) you get thirsty.
    - You can calm the thirst with some kind of water like waterskin, bowl of water etc. If you do not have any at hand, you take a 5 - 12 damage hit.
  7. If above pass, shall the Carpet transport cost a fee?
    - This fee will be 5k per travel.
    - No need to have coins in your inventory as they can be taken from your bank directly.
  8. Pickaxe store
    - Cost varies depending on pickaxe.
    - Charges 150% of original value.
  9. Axe store
    - Cost varies depending on axe.
    - Charges 150% of original value.
  10. Jatix decant
    - If you do not wish to use all your 1 doses into 4 doses, Jatix can help you with that.
    - Just select what each potion in your inventory should turn into. 1 dose, 2 Dose, 3 Dose or 4 Dose.
  11. Jatix making unfinish potion
    - Charges 1k per potion you wish to make into a unfinish potion.
    - Bring 1 vial of water and 1 of the herb you wish to make into a unfinish potion

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Grey Goose
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Sophanem I think would be a brilliant addition.

All of the above would be a brilliant addition, I'm buzzing to be back after so long!
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