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Default Bug fixes 18/2 - 2023

  • Abyssal whip have been buffed from 80 slash attack to 85 slash attack.
  • Fixed a issue that causes gear to not update bonuses upon login.
  • Fixed the issue that required level is checked by current level instead of your actual level when attempt to wear a item.
  • Fixed a issue with checking your combat levels.
  • Fixed a issue that causes potion to not be checked against your current level so you could boost indefinitely.
  • Fixed an issue with boosted potion not granting correct amount.
  • Boosted stats now check every 60 second instead of 30 second. This means it will last twice as long.
  • Fixed so you no longer consume two capes when using a dye on a cape.
  • Fixed so range now takes your range attack bonus into account for range accuracy.
  • Ring of charos now gives +4 range str bonus.

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Thanks Pro
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