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Fabrice L
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Originally Posted by Cache View Post
What about me
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Originally Posted by Goku View Post
Resetting will bring more players than we will lose. It's a fact. When Dodian resets we get 60-100 online.. we need to do that and then focus on keeping those players and proactively bringing new players before those old players stop playing.
Your numbers are highly exaggerated. I would see Dodian peak around 50 (if lucky) with a reset and official launch date. However we'll be back to where we are now within a month. This has been attempted at least 10 times over the past 10 years, so I can say with confidence that a reset alone won't help us and is not a topic we want to discuss with this announcement.

Before we even consider changing or bringing in new content, we need to finish the new source, then test it and make sure it's all working well. At this point we're ready to start working on new content. New content is what we need in order to retain (new) players.

Compromise with reset we could figure out something else. Perhaps something along the lines of selling your skills for items. I don't know, but I do agree that we need to do something to make the grinding more fun, but without making everyone repeat the same thing over yet again.

Originally Posted by Kuzmin View Post
Instead of a reset, consider halving the XP every quarter. If data is stored in MySQL, the query to halve XP should be simple. I can help with writing it LOL.

As far as the items, that's trickier. Possibly converting all items to GP and based on top 3/10/25/50/100 people with most GP, they get a starter pack for the next quarter.

The numbers of people who will get it will be based on how many active players there are over the quarter. Maybe 10%?

As far donating, I wouldn't mind, but I would like to see the backlog of tasks first. I may prefer to contribute to development and testing.
Contribution development-wise is probably the best kind of community contribution at the moment. This is why I chose to open source the game server and client. Though it doesn't seem like a lot of people want to dive into the Git stuff, with pull requests and all that. Maybe I just didn't document it well enough, I could look into doing that though.

Right now the only backlog is to finish the new server and client, so we can make sure everything runs smoothly and is ready to have content added. Also a system where we can have tasks and donate towards them is not yet in place, and would have to find a solution to do that, or make one.

We probably also would be wise to replace the current website with something more modern and robust. This would probably involve a lot of work because we'd want to convert the Artakus theme to work with whatever else we came up with.


Think we've gathered the answers we need.
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