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Default Happy New Year!

Very shortly, will mark the end of 2020 and usher in the new year 2021! Let’s hope it's a good one! Nothing brings us more joy than staying together as we go on to another year, another milestone in our legacy. We have such a close-knit community and I'm ecstatic that we could pull this off together. Due to recent events, we haven’t even had the time to welcome back some old faces on to the staff team! Let's welcome back

Jabast has been promoted to Moderator
Spunky has been promoted to Moderator

I am confident in their ability to moderate the game and am extremely happy to have them back. What a dynamic duo! It's like Steph and Klay!

Moving on, the holiday season means presents and more presents. You may be able to get your hands on a present when you’re active enough and participate in the event! Talk to the Duke at home in Yanille to begin the event!
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Glad to be back with the team! I'm convinced me and Spunky will do our job just right as we always have and always will. Happy New Year to all of you too!
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