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Default Fixes 11/3 - 2024

  • Fixed combat timer + weapon timer reset upon death.
  • Fixed black pickaxe and axe show on the skill menu for their respective skill.
  • Fixed when you spam click a npc to attack it do not ttempt to reset your animation (looks weird only a hit splash shows up).
  • Fixed an issue where it would not reset the facing properly after walking.
  • Fixed so that the bank now close properly upon 'esc' or when you click to close the interface upon finish the banking action.
  • Added 1000 loot when examine the closed thieving chests.
  • Fixed an issue with height not loading in properly upon login.
  • Wolfbane tick have been adjusted to be 4 tick instead of 3. This is due to prayer bonus was way to powerful and made the weapon strongest for end game. This is still a good weapon during the mid game as intended.
  • Nerfed obsidian dagger and sword's bonuses. Dagger is 50 to attack and 40 to str, while the sword is 60 to attack and 50 to str.
  • Nerfed obsidian maul and mace. Mace is now 60 attack and 45 str while maul is 90 str and 85 attack.

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