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Default Update 29/3 - 2024

Glass Crafting
  • Smelt bucket of sand and soda ash at a furnace to make molten glass, use either one on a furnace.
  • Use seaweed on a cooking range to burn them all into soda ash.
  • Use superheat spell to produce 30% more molten glass. Cost 3 nature rune per cast and you need 1 bucket of sand along with either 1 soda ash or seaweed.
  • Spoiler for Molten Glass:

    lvl 1 vial
    lvl 18 empty cup
    lvl 32 empty fishbowl (use a chisel on it to make it wieldable, yield a small amount of craft xp)
    lvl 48 unpowered orb
  • Glass crafter added to Ardougne that sell glassblowing pipe along with seaweed and bucket of sand.
  • Sandpit added to Yanille
  • Seaweed spawns added to Catherby, Brimhaven and outside Ardougne (24 in total)

Weaponry Crafting
  • You can charge unpowered orb at obelisks.
  • Spoiler for Obelisks:

    Water obelisk - Near Catherby coast. Cost 3 cosmic and 1 unpowered orb. Level 55 magic and give 725 xp.
    Earth obelisk - Near Fenkensteins castle. Cost 3 cosmic and 1 unpowered orb. Level 60 magic and give 800 xp.
    Fire obelisk - Between edgeville and Dark Warriors Fortress (in the wild). Cost 3 cosmic and 1 unpowered orb. Level 65 magic and give 875 xp.
    Air obelisk - Between the Brimhaven docks and the Brimhaven dungeon. Cost 3 cosmic and 1 unpowered orb. Level 70 magic and give 950 xp.
  • Currently to obtain battlestaffs you need to purchase them. One method is to wait each day up to 3 hours (20 per hour) and purchase them. Do note this method can stack them upto 2.1b. Another method is to purchase them from a store (currently 3 that sells) and they got 10 of them each.
    - Let us know if any boss or monsters should drop noted battlestaffs
  • Ever wonder what the sheep is doing in gnome village? Well Baba Yaga of course!
  • You need level 1 magic to equip the battlestaff. It gives 4% damage to magic along with some melee bonuses.
  • The elemental battlestaff require 20 attack and 1 magic. It gives 8% damage to magic along with some melee bonuses.
  • Require 51, 56, 61 and 66 crafting to make (water, earth, fire and air)

  • Zamorak, Guthix and Saradomin staff now require 10 magic to be equipped.
  • Teleport spells have been added to normal spellbook.
  • Teleport animation and gfx have been adjusted along with the timer.
  • Various items update have been corrected so you no longer see each individual ones. (Noticeable in the bank or store)
  • Mining ores (not essence!) now have a chance to find a uncut gem up to diamond. (1:7 to find ruby or diamond, 2:7 for emerald and 3:7 for sapphire)
    - Chance is 1:256 (if a glory is equipped this is halved aka 1:128)
  • Skills like Herblore, Crafting and Fletching have had their make option updated.
  • Experience for making arrows or darts is based on the amount you made instead of locking you into 10 respective 15. (For example, you have 22 dart tips and 32 headless arrows with 25 arrowheads will yield 22 darts and 25 arrows)
  • Stringing bows now got the correct animations.
  • Cutting gems now got the correct animations.
  • Experience for cutting gems have been lowered by 1/6. (x6 -> x5)
  • Super combat potion has been added. Need a torstol herb or unf potion along with super attack, strength and defence 4 dose to make.
    - Require 88 herblore and yield 600 experience. When you drink it give the effect of all 3 potions.
  • Furnace in Shilo can now have ores used on it.
  • Fixed respawn of global items not showing up.
  • Prayer skill menu has been added .(the last one)
  • Wolfbane now require 40 attack and 25 prayer to be equipped.
  • Fixed a request link on the server menu, can still do ::request if you so desire.
  • Yanille store now sell noted buckets.
  • Fixed Gnome shop + Catherby shop selling 262144 noted buckets like Yanille general store
  • Fixed shop buying x amount update items.
  • Fixed bank all update items.
  • Fixed a bow was not correctly checked when trying to train range.
  • Fixed lamps not showing up when they get added to your inventory.
  • Changed some backend stuff that should solve the crashing of the server.

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Not sure how much thanks people give you for the work you do, but thank you bro
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Originally Posted by KxWarrior View Post
Not sure how much thanks people give you for the work you do, but thank you bro
Certainly not enough, hehe!
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We've all just become silent, all these updates... I can hardly keep up...

but yhea we need to give more thanks to arch for sure!
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