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Default Update 7:12:2019

Agility have seen some new light!
We have taken this opportunity to add a new course, Barbarian.
This one can be access by using the gnome trailer teleport.

Not only this we've taken the opportunity to balance out the experience gained by doing agility. Tickets have also been balanced around course and agility level.
Gnome is level 1, Barbarian level 40 and Wilderness level 70 agility.
Spoiler for Experience:

Gnome: 226k / h, 116 laps / h, minimum 116 agility ticket / h (1 to (1 + (agilvl / 11)) agility tickets / lap)
Barbarian: 320k, 102 laps / h, minimum 204 agility ticket / h (2 to (2 + (agilvl / 22)) agility tickets / lap)
Wilderness: 430k, 78 laps / h, minimum 234 agility ticket / h (3 to (3 + (agilvl / 33)) agility tickets / lap)

In our key dungeon there live a dangerous Jungle demon. He will have a chance to drop you magic gear! Just do not forget your yellow key.
Along with him is some ghouls that will drop some supplies for a future potion.

Replaced lesser demon and skeletal hellhound tasks with green and blue dragon task from Vannaka.
You are more likely to get a lesser demon task or skeletal hellhound from Mazchna if you do not already own the crystal or crystal key aka weight 2 instead of 1.
Abyssal demon task have been added to Vannaka's task table.
Added a reduce respawn timer for bosses. Each players online (excluding you) will reduce spawn time by 1 second to a maximum of 30 second.
Agility shortcuts have been set to 70 and a prime shortcut with 85 agility have been added inside the Taverly dungeon.
The soldier npc at home have been replaced with Watchman and guard.
Guard drop red cape and power amulet and watchmen drop mithril.

  • Fixed store issues
  • Fixed bank issues, if there is any item that is behaving odd just report it to me.
  • Fixed so you could attack the prime without level 90 slayer.
  • When you bought more then 1 of a stackable from a store, it would not remove the proper amount.
  • Fixed mummy attack and death animations.
  • Prime is now 150 sec spawn instead of 90. Also increase the hp to 320.
  • Added uncut sapphire drop to mummy.

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Great, much needed updates as always
gf the agility shortcuts though..i'll never have that high a level.
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Originally Posted by Ivan View Post
Great, much needed updates as always
gf the agility shortcuts though..i'll never have that high a level.

That's weak. Agility is easy, even easier now.
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