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Default Server bug?

Hi there, just wanted to bring it to attention that there are currently a few server bugs going on. Some of them are:
- Invisibility glitch. At random times players just go invisible completely. you can still see mobs getting attacked and speech in chat but not overhead. You can receive a trade offer from them but if you click on the trade, it says unable to find player.
- One of my friends is having an issue whereby his head & feet keep disappearing and his body sways like a drunk emote.
- His name also changes from its real name to a random generated one.
- Earlier at abyssal guardian, he killed a few battle mages and whilst killing the south-east one, when he received drops (1x zamorak cape and some rune essence on different kills) they also appeared for me even though he picked them up. Not a game breaking (and certainly not intentional) dupe but something to look into maybe.
- Lastly, and probably just real bad luck here but is there an issue with the red key drop? As I understand it from the examine drop pop-up, the average rate is 7 in 1000 (i.e. approx 1 in 140). I'm now 2.5x the drop rate (65 Dad kills, 290 Abyssal Guardian kills), my friend has 100 Dad kills and my brother has 50 Dad kills. None of us have received one (collectively 4x the drop rate). We've been killing them for 3 days straight now and considering the above glitches I was curious as to whether there was a correlation. Wishful thinking perhaps on the last one but trying to console myself for potentially bad rng. As a returning player, I just want to get involved in the content and after 6hrs+ today alone killing 1 early-game mob, the pacing feels a little off (unless there is an issue). Rngesus not on my side here.

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