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Default Fixes - Jan. 4th

Hey everyone just wanted to keep you update with the latest fixes and changes to the game server. Some of these updates were asked on by the players, while some were badly needed, and others are to introduce new future content.
  • Some item prices/quantites in the event shop have been changed
  • Added dialogue to 'Spunky mask'

  • Chickens just outside Yanille have been replaced with cows

  • Chickens are now located just east of Seer's village bank

  • Custom's officer added to Catherby docks
  • New jailing system is up and in progress!
  • Level 50 agility shortcut along wall near Yanille general shop
  • Fixed the magic and yew tree at gnome
  • Added spiderweb slashing
  • Added staircase to jungle demon from slashing web area
  • Added function to the slayer master option "Assignment"
  • Fixed tools require you to have defense instead of attack
  • Fixed some 'black' items that required you to have 10 defence
  • Fixed issue with existing accounts not having stats saved
  • Added Crawling hands to slayer skill guide as they were missing
  • Fixed new commands that open sites like ::site_highscore, ::site_page

The following event items have been made TRADABLE:
  • Black santa hat
  • Inverted santa hat
  • Spunky mask
  • Santa mask
  • Santa jacket
  • Santa pantaloons
  • Santa gloves
  • Santa boots

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Ooo tradable items.
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Nice! Thanks for all the updates cache!
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Thanks for the updates man Can't wait to see what's in store for the future here
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