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Maintenance & Chance of Bugs
Jul 26, 2022 - 1:50 PM - by Nozemi
Hello! I'm just here to inform you that you might encounter some bugs with equipping items.

This is due to some maintenance work I just did, making it easier for us to work with our items table. I should have accounted for most of it, but there could be some items not being equipable right now.

Please let us know if you find some of these items, and we'll be on it as soon as we can! Message me or Arch on Discord preferably for a faster response.
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Neglect dmg change Poll
Jul 26, 2022 - 8:51 AM - by Pro Noob
So you might of notice that I went ahead and nerfed the dragonfire shield.
The reason was due to it being overpowered to the point where people with melee did not used alot of food. We as a staff team did not like this so we decided to do the changes.

It have come to my attention it was to big of a nerf from some people. Other people complained that you now use more food. We have listen and taken the opportunity to make this poll to see how people want to proceed.

One option per player!
  1. Keep current system, 2.5% + (prayer level + 1) / 8 (99 prayer = 12.5%, 1 prayer = 0.25%)
  2. Increase the chance to, 4% + (prayer level + 1) / 7 (99 prayer ~14.28%, 1 prayer ~0.28%)
  3. Add defence and prayer trigger, 4% + prayer level / 11 + defencer level / 11 (99 defence 1 prayer ~9.9%, 99 defence 99 prayer = 18%)
  4. Add defence trigger only, 4% +(defence level + 1) / 7 (99 defence ~14.28%, 1 prayer ~0.28%)
  5. Add defence trigger with prayer neglect dmg, 4% +(defence level + 1) / 7 (99 defence ~14.28%, 1 prayer ~0.28%), neglect dmg: prayerlevel / 8 (99 prayer = 12.375% neglect, 1 prayer = 0.125%)
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Changes 22/7 - 2022
Jul 22, 2022 - 12:39 AM - by Pro Noob
We talked about during our poll to change combat abit. It looked like most people do not mind or want combat to be change somewhat.
I figured why not spice it up a little with two new things, Spell dmg and Neglect dmg:

- Spell dmg, is as it might sound like a bonus stat that increase your damage with your spells. This is a flat % based stat which should help boost your magical damage.
- Neglect dmg, is a stat that when proccing will reduce that incoming damage based on how much you got in this stats. The chance of a proc is based on your prayer level. At level 7 prayer and each 8 levels after that will increase the proc chance by 1%. So at 99 you will have 12.5% chance of a proc. However that is not all, base chance of a proc is 2.5%.

With the new things added, I have done some changes to all magical gear by updating what bonus stats they give. I have also increased base damage per spell you cast, by atleast the double. I have also made sure you can now crit with your magical spells. I also changed how much healing the blood spells do, they heal you for 1/4 of what you would of dealt. This mean if the monster had 10 health left and you would of hit a 22, you then heal for 5 health.

I have taken the opportunity to change some gear around, for instant the dragonfire shield now give neglect damage based on firemaking level instead of a chance to neglect damage.
The crystal shield now double your chance for a critical hit while equipped.
Your bows made out of wood can only be equipped with a shield. All other bows can only equip crystal shield or book of balanced.
Seercull now attack the same speed as magic shortbow.

  • Fixed the trading dupe + some trading issues.
  • Updated magic, defence and agility skill menu.
  • Added some level requirement to items, see skill menu.
  • Fixed so you now have 91 - 99 shouts instead of just 94 - 99.
  • Fixed some animation issue while being unarmed.
  • Fixed so you know who needs to heal up before a duel, you or your opponent.
  • Made the rest function more common for gathering skills.
  • Made lamps more common.
  • Added a chance for a lamp to each kill you do while on your slayer task aswell as whenever you finish the task.
  • Fixed an issue with health being above maximum.
  • Negative bonus now properly being calculated.
  • Removed extra bonus from
... [Read More]
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