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Rework drop system - 88.89%
8 Votes
More herblore supplies - 100.00%
9 Votes
Upgrade ring of charos - 88.89%
8 Votes
Chance to be flat - 44.44%
4 Votes
Chance to be regulated - 0%
0 Votes
Drop boxes of herblore supplies - 66.67%
6 Votes
Different tier herblore supplies boxes - 55.56%
5 Votes
Sell goldsmith gauntlets - 77.78%
7 Votes
Noted coal while smelting - 77.78%
7 Votes
Uncut dragonstone to gemstall - 22.22%
2 Votes
Total Votes: 9
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Content To Add #5
Nov 21, 2019 - 5:40 PM - by Pro Noob
*Note* You can pick multiple choices! So pick eveything you want to be added!
The choice that reach 50% will pass.

1) Shall we rework the drop system?
The current system for drops has a flaw in that the more drops we add the more likely it is to get a item.
What I wish to do is to put the drops that are not always into one loot table. This will make it so the chance to get a item
is what it actually state. The benefit of this will be that more drops could be added per npc.

2) If the drop rework pass, shall we make it so that slayer task monsters drop more herbs then none slayer task monsters?

3) If the drop rework pass, shall we make it so if you use 10 ring of wealth on a ring of charos will upgrade it?
This upgrade will have the effect of a ring of wealth aswell as a chance to get a extra chance on the not always drops aka roll a extra
chance for the loot.

4) If above pass shall the chance be a flat value? This will be made into a 5:1000 chance of proc.

5) If above fail shall the chance instead be that we do 1:2000 for bosses and 1:4000 for regular npc's?

6) If the drop rework do not pass shall we instead make it so npcs got a chance of dropping a herblore or second ingredience boxes if
you recieved nothing as a drop?

7) If above pass and the drop rework do not pass, shall we make it so there is different tier of boxes?
These boxes have different herbs or second ingredience and amount you get per box.

8) Shall Horvik sell gold smith gauntlets for 500k each in his store?

9) Shall we make it so you can pay a one time fee of 1000k to Horvik to be able to use 100 noted coal while smelting bars above steel?
This will make it so if you bring more then the amount of notes the oven will take it you do not have any noted coal.
This effect will be doubled at 99 smithing.

10) Shall we add uncut dragonstone to the gem stall?
0 Replies | 78 Views
Small informative announcement
Nov 19, 2019 - 6:47 AM - by Nozemi
I have gone in while we're waiting for Ivan to come back, and promoted Psionyx to moderator.

If anyone has any problems with this decision, please send me a DM on here, and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Though if it's about particular actions taken by staff, please provide me with whatever proof you can.

Psionyx seems motivated to help out in a way that is beneficial for everyone who wants a fair game, so I think this will be a smooth addition.

NOTE! I'm not involved with whatever goes on in the server. Because as I've stated previously, I don't have the proper motivation to properly take care of the project. Hence why Ivan is running it.
7 Replies | 162 Views
Update 9:23:2019
Sep 22, 2019 - 7:12 PM - by Pro Noob
We have added new monster to Ikov dungeon. The monsters are as follow:
  • Gargoyle
  • Mummy (No orange key required)
  • Bloodveld
  • Aberrant spectre
  • Ice warrior
  • Wolves
  • Ice giants
Bloodveld, Aberrant spectre and Gargoyle are new tasks from Vannaka. These are required to have in order to attack them inside Ikov dungeon.

Berserker now have had a equipment bonus added if you have a obsidian weapon aswell as the necklace equipped. These will lower your defence during pve combat by 10% but give a 20% damage increase in pvp or pve.

Other update:
  • Changed reset of a slayer task to be 100k for Mazchna and 250k for Vanakka.
  • fixed Weapon speed on 2h weapons
  • fixed so you can no longer use genie lamp during duel
  • Nerfed the xp lamp to be 250 * your skill level.
  • Added so you can get a random event from all none combat skills.
    Aka from making stuff to gathering stuff.
  • Added a rest function to gathering skills.
  • Added so you get xp lamp 100% of the time.
  • fixed so you can use shears on sheep.
  • Fixed magic doing unintentional high damage during pvp combat.
  • Fixed so you can't start the duel unless both duelists got full health.
  • Fixed so the master wand actually require 50 magic to be equipped.
3 Replies | 3,972 Views
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