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Rework drop system - 88.89%
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More herblore supplies - 100.00%
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Upgrade ring of charos - 88.89%
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Chance to be flat - 44.44%
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Chance to be regulated - 0%
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Drop boxes of herblore supplies - 66.67%
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Different tier herblore supplies boxes - 55.56%
5 Votes
Sell goldsmith gauntlets - 77.78%
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Noted coal while smelting - 77.78%
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Uncut dragonstone to gemstall - 22.22%
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Changes of Responsibility
Aug 26, 2019 - 1:50 PM - by Nozemi
I would like to let everyone know that I'll be stepping back from anything revolving around the management of the community (staff management, player support and what not).

Ivan will be replacing me in that position. I will be behind the scenes to assist him where needed, if I have time. Let's just call me a lazy IT support.

The reason for this is because I fail to provide professional and high quality decisions to the server. It's more beneficial with someone who cares more about the server than myself.

Not to worry, I'll make sure that the server continues running for however long I have free to use hardware for hosting. It's not getting in my way by any means, so should not be a problem. This change will mostly just be about who you'll deal with when things escalate to an administrative level.

If things get out of hand, I might step in to help here and there, but I'd prefer not to. I'll be watching from the sidelines, and will remain on the Discord to chat every now and then.
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Update 8:23:2019
Aug 21, 2019 - 4:38 PM - by Pro Noob
Added leech's to the essence mining area.
- These drop rune pouches
- You can only own one pouch of each small, medium large, giant size
- Can hold maximum of 4, 7, 10, 13 rune esence
- Their level requirement to use is on the skill menu
- They also drop bones, coins and rune essence noted

Added a genie lamp.
- this can be obtain from the random event, it is 1:5 chance of this to occur
- If you got full inventory it will drop the coins or lamp
- Rub it to gain experience in a skill of your choice, 1337 * your skill level

  • Fixed a issue with skipping slayer tasks.
  • Fixed a issue with a spice stall being infront of cosmic altar.
  • Fixed gate and it's guards at legends guild entrance.
  • Fixed so that the fur stall works as intended instead of the silk stall.
5 Replies | 6,196 Views
Update 8:12:2019
Aug 12, 2019 - 4:52 PM - by Pro Noob
Sorry for late update but this is a brief list:
  • Runecrafting have had it's experience increased.
  • Added so you can get extra runes depending on your runecrafting level.
  • Item on magic now have their own seperated timer instead of actions.
  • Added the superheat spell.
  • Added left click on anvil. It will check for your highest tier bar in the inventory.
  • Make 10 now makes all your items while smithing or crafting.
  • Added a kc message for a drop.
  • Alching is now 600 experience per cast.
  • Added a bank all feature.
  • Added slayer reset.
  • Changed crafting requirement on all dhide gear. Some are lower others are higher. Check the skill menu.
  • Crafting now give the same experience regardless of what you make out of the hide. Each hide give different experience.
    This is due to them require 1 hide per craft.
  • Due to popularity the crystal key act like the key dungeon in Yanille.

  • Fixed so that it now takes you back to the magic spell book after each magic on item click regardless if you can do the action or not.
  • Fixed so all magic on item have a 3 tick delay between action.
  • Fixed the formula for dragonfire shield to be as it was intended to be.
  • Fixed a packet issue with moving items.
  • Fixed so you can't get the same task twice in a row.
  • Fixed so smithing items have the same speed regardless of what you are making.
  • Fixed alching and price values on dragonhide items.
  • Fixed player look to be 13 values instead of 18, as these 18 could cause some issues with your apperance.
  • Corrected a spelling mistake with the ring of wealth trigger.
  • Fixed so you can now use the gold craft option on the furnace.
  • Nerfed Decorative and skeletal's bonuses.
  • Fixed bonus to the spined gloves.
  • Balanced the abyssal whip and decorative sword bonuses.
  • Seercull and Crystal bow have had their attack speed swapped.
  • Fixed some bosses not counting towards your total killcount.
  • Fixed an issue with decline a trade in second window.

Fixed a issue with ::loot.
Due to abuse with ::loot over the issue, this command is for staff only (moderators and above).
4 Replies | 2,232 Views
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