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Content To Add #14
Mar 12, 2024 - 3:05 AM - by Pro Noob
Note that you need to click on everything you want added and leave the rest blank!
Please have a read through them before decide what you desire to vote for!
Any of the options need 50% passing for us to know that we can add it into the game.
1 vote per person!
The poll will last for one week.
Also do note that Farming is just a concept, any balancing can be done to the Experience, item cost to protect or time it takes to grow!
  1. I would like to introduce a new skill, farming. The main concept of it will be plant seeds, wait till it grows, fix the plant if it get diseased during the growth. When it finished growing, harvest the crop or check health for a decent chunk of experience. You can also protect the crops from disease by paying items to a farmer.
    Spoiler for info:

    - No compost = 2 life along with 90% chance for disease and 12.5%(1:8) chance to save a life.
    - Compost = 4 life along with 50% chance for disease and 12.5%(1:8) chance to save a life
    - Super compost = 6 life along with 30% chance for disease and 12.5%(1:8) chance to save a life
    - Disease is also reduced by ((farming level - farming level required) / 1.5).
  2. Allotment patch will be in Catherby, Canifis and outside Legends guild.
    Spoiler for Allotment: [Read More]
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Fixes 11/3 - 2024
Mar 11, 2024 - 12:06 PM - by Pro Noob
  • Fixed combat timer + weapon timer reset upon death.
  • Fixed black pickaxe and axe show on the skill menu for their respective skill.
  • Fixed when you spam click a npc to attack it do not ttempt to reset your animation (looks weird only a hit splash shows up).
  • Fixed an issue where it would not reset the facing properly after walking.
  • Fixed so that the bank now close properly upon 'esc' or when you click to close the interface upon finish the banking action.
  • Added 1000 loot when examine the closed thieving chests.
  • Fixed an issue with height not loading in properly upon login.
  • Wolfbane tick have been adjusted to be 4 tick instead of 3. This is due to prayer bonus was way to powerful and made the weapon strongest for end game. This is still a good weapon during the mid game as intended.
  • Nerfed obsidian dagger and sword's bonuses. Dagger is 50 to attack and 40 to str, while the sword is 60 to attack and 50 to str.
  • Nerfed obsidian maul and mace. Mace is now 60 attack and 45 str while maul is 90 str and 85 attack.
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Update 9/3 - 2024
Mar 09, 2024 - 10:11 AM - by Pro Noob
Not much to do here just yet, but we have open up the new area.
  • You can unlock this travel by going to the customs officer and click "Sophanem". This requires one ship ticket payment.
  • Nathifa sell mining pickaxes from bronze to rune for a somewhat pricy price tag.

  • Woodcutting speed has been increased along with experience.
  • Black axe and pickaxe is now usable to cut or mine with.
  • Axe and Pickaxe tools have had their speed lower capacity adjusted due to above. (it has become better)
  • Fixed animations for all gathering skills to better showcase that you attempt to gather something.
  • Fixed so that attack styles like aggressive or accurate give proper invisible level bonuses.
  • Fixed issues when swapping weapons trained skills you did not wanted to (whip could train strength)
  • Two handed sword should now give the correct weapon style interface.
  • Magic combat interface should now show if you got a autocast set or not.
  • Fixed longrange now give 50:50 split on range and defence experience.
  • Ungadulu can now snare you for 5 ticks.
  • You can no longer teleport during combat.
  • Wolfbane is now tradeable.
  • Fixed some backend issues.
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