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Add cancel task - 70.59%
12 Votes
Add so we do not get the same task twice - 70.59%
12 Votes
Add smithing speed equally - 70.59%
12 Votes
Add superheat spell - 58.82%
10 Votes
Make it so high alch require 2 nature runes - 35.29%
6 Votes
Add ring of forgine effect - 47.06%
8 Votes
Make it so we can open door and gate - 64.71%
11 Votes
Add a bank all option - 76.47%
13 Votes
Add hold down shift key - 64.71%
11 Votes
Make it so monsters are left click to attack - 52.94%
9 Votes
Add rune pouches - 58.82%
10 Votes
Change experience gained when you runecraft - 64.71%
11 Votes
Add extra chance for a rune - 76.47%
13 Votes
Total Votes: 17
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Update 7:6:2019
Jul 06, 2019 - 11:39 AM - by Pro Noob
Added prime to Taverly dungeon. This boss requires 90 slayer to be attacked.

Added Tzhaar to Taverly dungeon. this monster requires a task to be killed.

Added beginner store in Yanille, Aubury is magic, Bow sales man in magic guild is range and Horvik at the anvil area is melee.

Added shortcuts in Taverly dungeon, the pipe is 60 and the ground is 80.

Vannaka slayer have been added. You can find Vannaka in Catherby. The task table is currently:
Spoiler for Vannaka:

slayerTasks.TZHAAR, slayerTasks.MUMMY

Added bonus xp from completing a slayer task. It is (npc's health * starting amount) / 10. Example: Tzhaar have 155 health and you got 65 to slay, you'll get 1007.5 but scaled down to 1007 xp.

Made it so all monsters in Taverly dungeon now require a task to kill (except prime)

Added onyx crafting + enchanting.

Note that due to the slayer update, you'll have to get a new task when you login!

  • Fixed so that slayer monsters have a 90 second spawn timer. Because of
    this I removed the kill announcements for these bosses.
  • Autocast saving have been fixed.
  • Dragon hide is now 100% drop rate instead of uncommon.
  • Cooking now cooks all your food that you used on the stove.
  • Removed hard leather from Tanner.
  • Fixed yell color for staff.
  • Fixed so woodcutting stop whenever you start fletching something.
  • Fixed so smelting now have a level check aswell as smelt 28 instead of 27 whenever you click on smelt-x.
  • Fixed so you can now click on the smelter instead of just having to use a ore on it.
  • Fixed so it no longer prompt a message whenever you try to smith with full inventory.
  • Replaced / added new drops to some npcs.
  • Fixed d2h animations and added more range bonus to leather body.
  • Fixed the special effect for whip and d2h to be working as intended.
  • Fixed the slayer cape emote so it no longer freezes the client.
  • Fixed that you can now offer more then 1 at a time on none stackable items.
  • Fixed so that you can pickup stackable items with full inventory as long as you got the items in your inventory and it do not pass the maximum value (2147m)
  • Replaced the farming cape with slayer cape in the skillcape store.
  • Updated information to the skill menu's
2 Replies | 98 Views
Update 7:2:2019
Jul 02, 2019 - 12:13 PM - by Pro Noob
  • Heroes guild doors can now be open.
  • Runite rock inside the heroes dungeon can now be mined. These require level 85 mining.
  • Dad can now be attackable at level 50 combat instead of 60.
  • Fixed a issue where it would increase your damage in more then one place so that ::max would show incorrect maxhit damage.
  • You can no longer noclip whenever you load a new region.
  • Black and Greater demon now require you to have the crystal key in your inventory to hurt them.
  • Thieving farmers have now been given a random value instead of a static every server restart. Same goes to the stalls that gave coins.
If you find any issues post it here
If you have any suggestions to be polled post it here
Do not forget to vote in the current poll!
2 Replies | 180 Views
Content To Add #1
Jul 01, 2019 - 7:29 PM - by Pro Noob
  1. Shall we add a new boss "Dagannoth prime", this will require level 90 slayer to be killed?
  2. Should Prime drop range gear? This will be Spined set and seercull.
  3. Should we add hardleather body for level 1 defence pure? This will require 28 crafting and a hard leather with thread and needle.
  4. Shall we make it so that dragons drop hides 100% of the time?
  5. Shall we add Vannaka Slayer? This will have have it's own slayer task table with some from the other and require a crystal key.
  6. If Vannaka slayer pass, shall we add black demon and greater demon to this? This will make it so you need a task to kill them instead of a crystal key.
  7. If Vannaka slayer pass, shall we add tzhar task that requires level 80 slayer? This will require the crystal key to enter.
  8. Shall we add agility shortcuts to help you with the crystal key dungeon? These will require 60 for first and 80 for the second.
  9. Shall we add shops to help new players? These will be range gear (up to green d'hide), Melee gear (Up to Black) and Magic (Up to blue mystic).
    These prices will have a 1.5x increase in price compare to other stores.
Pick the options you want. Each require 50% or more to pass of the total people that have voted.
10 Replies | 286 Views
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