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Rework drop system - 88.89%
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More herblore supplies - 100.00%
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Upgrade ring of charos - 88.89%
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Chance to be flat - 44.44%
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Chance to be regulated - 0%
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Drop boxes of herblore supplies - 66.67%
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Different tier herblore supplies boxes - 55.56%
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Sell goldsmith gauntlets - 77.78%
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Noted coal while smelting - 77.78%
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Uncut dragonstone to gemstall - 22.22%
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Update 7:17:2019
Jul 17, 2019 - 1:11 PM - by Pro Noob
A new boss King black dragon have been added! You can found this beast's entrance deeper inside dragon's lair. What this beast can drop can be seen here. Also do not forget you need to sacrifice 5 dragon bones, these priorities unnoted, noted from inventory and last your bank.
The dragonfire shield this beast drop have a chance to neglect the damage you would take aka they will deal 0 damage. The formula is 0.05 + (firemakinglevel + 1) / 50 which at 99 firemaking you got 25% chance to trigger this (1:4 hits). This shield will require 70 defence to equip.

The popular ring of wealth did nothing before but now it will give you a boost in drop chance. Drops 1% or below will have a 20% increase while drops above this and below 10% will have a 10% increase. You only need to have this ring equip before the drop appear.

From last patch there was drops to ghouls from yellow key, we have now made it so you can make the ranging potion from those drops. This potion will boost your range level temporary.
  • Fixed so items on ground now updates properly, before they would not do it if you exited and reentered the area.
  • Fixed support for Global items spawn.
  • Added a bronze sword and wooden shield spawn at home near the cages.
  • Fixed so items show up after 60 seconds to other players and despawn after 120 seconds. Note that untradeable items will not show up to other players.
  • Fixed so items that are not stackable now drop from mobs correctly
  • Fixed so balloons are 10 times less likely to spawn. Remember these are still being tested so no real loot yet. You do get 1 coin though.
  • Fixed a issue where you could not finish Barbarian or Wilderness course for the bonus.
  • Fixed a issue with the Barbarian and Wilderness log course so you can now click on the obstacle and still preform it instead of standing still.
  • Increased the amount of kills you need to do for black demon and Mourner to finish the task.
  • Removed the quest name as there are no quests planned.
  • Fixed that the bank would sometimes not update properly.
  • Fixed so when you level range it will now properly update your maxhit.
  • Fixed 2h sword animations.
  • Fixed so respawn rate is now 60 seconds for black dragons instead of 155.
  • Fixed so there is max 2 connections per ip.
  • Fixed so the client tells you when above occur.
  • Attempt to fix eventual connection issues.
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Update 7:14:2019
Jul 14, 2019 - 1:51 PM - by Pro Noob
Ever wonder why you would need 3 keys in your inventory just for one dungeon? Not anymore! Aslong as you got the keys in your bank or inventory, it'll now be checked
To compensate this I have made it so instead of teleporting, you'll now preform the obstacle to enter each part. (Ledge for yellow key and monkey bars for orange key).

I have added support for global objects. This allowed us to now display visually when you can steal from the Yanille or Legends guild chest.
Open = not thievable, Closed = thievable.
I have also made it so both got a 20 second respawn time.

Make-over mage feel like the 3k she charge is just not fitting her service.
She have decided to remove this fee and allow players to change their appearance whenever you feel like.
  • Fixed so you can now trade or duel tradeable items.
  • Fixed so agility course stage now save upon logout.
  • Fixed so you can get a random event trigger from pickpocketing.
  • Fixed so you can't steal from the chest in dragon lair.
  • Fixed an issue where you could relog or reenter the region and be able to steal from the stalls.
  • Fixed more agility animations for obstacles.
  • Fixed whenever you did agility your sword and shield showed up while preforming the animation.
  • Fixed so you now update your appearance whenever you accept your new appearance from make-over interface.
  • Fixed drop rate for Jungle Demon.
1 Reply | 296 Views
Fixes 7:14:2019
Jul 14, 2019 - 12:26 AM - by Pro Noob
  • Fixed issue with Jungle demon
  • Fixed issue with boss log could cause issues
  • Fixed so you can drop tradeable items
  • Fixed so you can't sell more items then what you got in your inventory.
  • You can now drop items as soon as you log in instead of having to wait a minute.
  • You can now drop items during combat
  • Fixed animation for rope and log course at gnome.
1 Reply | 366 Views
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