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Dungeon & Slayer skill expansion - Sept. 2019
Remove 'Mummies' from Vanakka slayer tasks - 39.13%
9 Votes
Add 3rd tier slayer master 'Duradael' for Boss tasks only - 65.22%
15 Votes
Lower cost of 'reset-task' to 100k, 250k, and 500k respectively (Mazchna, Vanakka, Duradael) - 56.52%
13 Votes
Allow Key dungeon bosses to assigned with boss tasks - 69.57%
16 Votes
Allow all slayer monsters in Ikov dungeon (Mithril drag / Barb spirit dungeon) to be attacked without task - 52.17%
12 Votes
Change Green & Blue dragons to Mazchna task ( originally from Vanakka task) - 43.48%
10 Votes
Add Red & Black dragons also to Mazchna task - 39.13%
9 Votes
Add Gargoyles, Bloodveld, and Aberrant Specter slayer monsters throughout Ikov dungeon; Will be new tasks given by Vanakka - 56.52%
13 Votes
Add 'berserker necklace' effect +20% dmg increase along with -10% def bonus - 65.22%
15 Votes
Change req. to wield all hatchet/pickaxes equal to WC/Mining level - 43.48%
10 Votes
Give Spunky a burger - 65.22%
15 Votes
Total Votes: 23
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Content To Add #3
Jul 13, 2019 - 4:26 AM - by Pro Noob
  • Should we add ranging potion? This will require level 75 herblore to make. This will boost your range level temporary when drinking it.
  • Should we change runes required to cast each spell on ancient? Rush and blitz would require chaos runes (1 and 2), while Burst and barrage would require blood runes (1 and 2)
  • If above pass should we change the runecrafting requirements to, chaos lvl 1, nature rune level 30, cosmic level 50, blood level 75?
  • If above do not pass, should the runecrafting level on the new altar be 30 while blood will be 55?
  • If any of the altar questions pass, should we increase experience for enchanting items?
  • Should we add king black dragon to the dragon lair? This will require a sacrifice of 5 dragon bones noted each enter. Unique drop will be the same as previous evil chicken but no leather or burnt stuff aswell as 2 dragon bones and random chance for 5 black dhides.
  • If above pass, should we make it so dragonfire shield have a chance base on your firemaking level to deflect the damage dealt to you?
  • Do you want the Rubber Chicken to be a pickaxe? This will be the same speed as if it were of dragon type tool. If this do not pass, we'll remove it from king black dragon drop table.
  • If above do not pass, should we make rubber chicken be a reward instead of santa hat?
  • Should we add a effect to the ring of wealth? It will be 20% increase drop chance on items 1% or below, while all other above 1% but below 10% will be 10% increase.
  • Should we make slayer be giving you task based on combat then just slayer? There will still be tasks that checks for slayer level.
  • If above pass, should we add more tasks that are easier for lower level compare to just having a look at your slayer level?
Pick the options you want. Each require 50% or more to pass of the total people that have voted.
5 Replies | 391 Views
Update 7:12:2019
Jul 12, 2019 - 9:19 PM - by Pro Noob
Agility have seen some new light!
We have taken this opportunity to add a new course, Barbarian.
This one can be access by using the gnome trailer teleport.

Not only this we've taken the opportunity to balance out the experience gained by doing agility. Tickets have also been balanced around course and agility level.
Gnome is level 1, Barbarian level 40 and Wilderness level 70 agility.
Spoiler for Experience:

Gnome: 226k / h, 116 laps / h, minimum 116 agility ticket / h (1 to (1 + (agilvl / 11)) agility tickets / lap)
Barbarian: 320k, 102 laps / h, minimum 204 agility ticket / h (2 to (2 + (agilvl / 22)) agility tickets / lap)
Wilderness: 430k, 78 laps / h, minimum 234 agility ticket / h (3 to (3 + (agilvl / 33)) agility tickets / lap)

In our key dungeon there live a dangerous Jungle demon. He will have a chance to drop you magic gear! Just do not forget your yellow key.
Along with him is some ghouls that will drop some supplies for a future potion.

Replaced lesser demon and skeletal hellhound tasks with green and blue dragon task from Vannaka.
You are more likely to get a lesser demon task or skeletal hellhound from Mazchna if you do not already own the crystal or crystal key aka weight 2 instead of 1.
Abyssal demon task have been added to Vannaka's task table.
Added a reduce respawn timer for bosses. Each players online (excluding you) will reduce spawn time by 1 second to a maximum of 30 second.
Agility shortcuts have been set to 70 and a prime shortcut with 85 agility have been added inside the Taverly dungeon.
The soldier npc at home have been replaced with Watchman and guard.
Guard drop red cape and power amulet and watchmen drop mithril.

  • Fixed store issues
  • Fixed bank issues, if there is any item that is behaving odd just report it to me.
  • Fixed so you could attack the prime without level 90 slayer.
  • When you bought more then 1 of a stackable from a store, it would not remove the proper amount.
  • Fixed mummy attack and death animations.
  • Prime is now 150 sec spawn instead of 90. Also increase the hp to 320.
  • Added uncut sapphire drop to mummy.
2 Replies | 195 Views
Fixes 7:9:2019
Jul 08, 2019 - 6:33 PM - by Pro Noob
Prayer altar have now been added. You can access this in Ardougne chapel or at your closest altar.
Just use your bones on the altar and it will start sacrifice all the bones of the type you used.

It was polled that there would be a 2.5 multiplier, but I took the freedom to change this up. The multiplier is now 2.0 + ((your firemaking level + 1) / 100), which at 99 = 3.0 multiplier.

  • Tzhaar's obsidian maul drop is now a little lower chance to get.
  • Fixed bank noting on certain items, notable (no pun intended) is the obsidian maul.
  • Fixed so items now properly remove beard or hair. If there is still some visual issues about this, contact me.
  • Fixed so you no longer retrieve blue mystic whenever you sell white mystic.
  • All none slayer bosses have had their respawn set to 180 seconds.
  • San tajon and Black knight titan's health have been decreased. This in preparation for the new boss.
  • Removed one Mourner spawn as it is meant to be only one boss spawned.
  • All keys have been lowered from 1% to 0.65% as some said it was to common. (Guardian have 0.5% to get red key)
  • Because of the fix above, I made so it now yells out when you get a key.
  • Fixed Abyssal guardian's animations.
  • There is now a wizard at the ground floor of wizard's guild that can teleport you to the rune essence mining.
  • Fixed some processing issue that will hopefully fix the random dc's.
3 Replies | 336 Views
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