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Yesterday's Incident
Dec 04, 2020 - 6:15 AM - by Nozemi
Hello, since Ivan is out of reach and the importance of this matter is rather high, I'm taking it upon myself to write something about it.

UPDATE! We have identified the dupe, and it will be fixed accordingly. Anyone proven to be a participant in this will be permanently banned from Dodian. We have clear evidence of individuals duping alongside "the coolest mod" as he liked to describe himself. If anyone has anything to say about this incident, now is the time to come forward. We won't guarantee a free pass, but won't guarantee a ban either if you come forward. Either way we'll figure out who was involved in the duping.

Evidently we've had a rogue moderator. According to some of the players we've spoken to, I skill now has lead them to believe he's collecting donations on behalf of the owner(s). That simply isn't true. He's also conducting a lot of other serious offenses. That is not tolerated from a staff member. He is permanently banned from Dodian, both server and Discord.

We're paying attention to chat logs, and he claims staff has been threatening to expose his IP. IPs are what I'd consider personal information, and no matter what someone does, I don't expose other people's personal information. If any of the staff members at Dodian does this, it's a serious offense as well.

I tried to reach out to I skill now, asking him to explain the situation. Evidently he doesn't take this seriously at all. To him this is all just fun and "haha those fuckers couldn't even see it coming" kind of attitude towards it. Which is very disappointing. We've tried to give him every chance to improve as a moderator, and he has taken every chance to disappoint us, time after time. Dodian is a small community, so being friendly and giving people chances is fair. Though we can't let something like this slide.

As for the other incidents about item duping and bug abusing. Any account caught involving in that will be reset and/or wiped. There are no exceptions. We don't tolerate exploiting of game breaking bugs/exploits.

It's also worth noting that Zkiller has helped us in the past with finding exploits. He has thus been given (a lot) of leniency from the staff team. I'm sure a lot of you have noticed something going on around him. And to my knowledge, he isn't abusing any of these exploits in ways that affects the game negatively. If I'm wrong about this, I'm open for proof proving otherwise! The staff team just wants to ensure a fair and nostalgic gameplay.

And in the future, I hope you are comfortable coming to staff team with issues. If the issue is a particular staff member, come to me or Cache/Ivan about it. If the issue is with exploits or game related, you can come to any of our moderators.
7 Replies | 142 Views
Reset Accounts
Dec 03, 2020 - 9:44 AM - by Pro Noob
Due to a game bug some people have been abusing this to gain unfair advantage in their experience gains.
We do not tolerate that and as a result we have decided to wipe the following accounts experience (all of it):
  • I skill now
  • b l m
  • coal
  • wolf
  • lolho0ligan
  • Tobunson
  • lilskillz
  • Zkiller
  • zoher10
  • Timer
  • Gizmo
  • Doc
  • Ductu
  • mostshocking
  • Apothicons
  • slimandaood
  • saint
  • Fishing
As a side note I skill now is no longer a moderator.
6 Replies | 177 Views
Client Cache
Nov 14, 2020 - 6:29 AM - by Pro Noob
Thanks to the help from the user 'Supertje', there have been some fixes with the cache.
  • Textures on trees are no longer white
  • Bank booth that was once broken should work again
  • TExture on the fire cape is no longer white
  • The old nightmare zone objects no longer there
  • Removed the wheat field in yanille

To update the cache you'll need to locate your cache files at 'C:\Users\USERNAME\.dodian-osrs', then remove the "cacheVersion2.dat" file.
This will on startup download the new cache.
Sorry for any inconvenience this will cause, but hopefully it should not take to long.
6 Replies | 413 Views
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