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Server Crashes
May 12, 2024 - 11:55 PM - by Pro Noob
I am not sure if you know but the past two weeks we have had on and off with server crashes. This is not ideal and we on the staff team are sorry about the trouble it have caused. The crashes have been resolved but we are still on the look out incase of other issues.
As a compensation there is a mysterious cow in Yanille lurking around that might have something for you. He will not stay for long so hurry up

Another note is that this week plan on releasing the bosses will be delayed. The delay will be Late May or early June instead of late May.
This also means that the farming skill will be delayed until late June / Early July.

Other fixes:
- You can once again smith bars from mithril to runite on the anvil.
- Coins can not be sold to a store.
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Content To Add #16
Apr 22, 2024 - 6:02 PM - by Pro Noob
Note that you need to click on everything you want added and leave the rest blank!
Please have a read through them before decide what you desire to vote for!
Any of the options need 50% passing for us to know that we can add it into the game.
1 vote per person!
The poll will last for one week.
  • Should we add poison effect? This effect will start at x damage and tick down every minute. Each time it reduce the next damage by 0.25 (after 4 minute = x - 1 damage etc until 0 damage)
    - Effect will only refresh if the tier poison initial damage is higher or if 50% of the time have passed.
    - 50% of the pass calculate as: (5 initiale dmg = refresh at 3 dmg, 6 is 3, 4 is 2 etc.. 1 damage initialize will never refresh!)
    - Monsters to add: Scorpion (2), Lizard (1), Venenatis (8), Kalphite Queen(6), One of King Black Dragon's breaths (4), Bandit boss (3),
    Locust Rider Melee + Ranged 2 (3), Locust Rider Melee + Ranged 1 (1), Kalphite Soldier (2), Kalphite Guardian(4),
    Deadly Red Spider(2), Spider near Venenatis (4)
  • If above pass, should we add anti poison?
    - level 8 herblore, 1 marrentill (unf) + 1 crushed unicorn horn.
    - Will be able to buy from a store somewhere with a 10 in stock 3 doses.
    - Cure poison and make you immune to poison for a minute
  • If above pass, should we add super anti poison?
    - level 42 herblore, 1 avantoe (unf) + 1 crushed goat horn
    - Cure poison and make you immune to poison for 3 minutes
  • If above pass, should we add antidote+?
    - level 69 herblore, 1 yew root + 1 super anti poison
    - Cure poison and make you immune to poison for 6 minutes
  • Should we add combat potion?
    - level 32 herblore, 1 attack(4) + strength(4) + defence(4) + 1 grounded goat horn.
    - 50 experience per potion
  • Should we add a burn effect?
    - x damage and tick every 4 ticks (2.4 sec) 5 times.
    - Effect do not refresh or stack.
    - Antifire potion will make you immune (This effect count like a dragon fire!)
  • If above pass should smoke spells have a 1,2,3,4 (rush,burst,blitz,barrage) burn damage 100% chance to occur?
  • If above pass should we make shadow spells have a double burn damage compare to smoke spells with 100% chance to occur?
  • If above do not pass should we instead do a % increase based on (magic level + 1)
... [Read More]
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Update 19/4 - 2024
Apr 19, 2024 - 11:31 AM - by Pro Noob

  • Shantay has been added to Sophanem. He sell various stuff for your desert adventure.
  • Sophanem trapdoor near Shantay now take you downstairs to a bank.
  • The gates in Sophanem to the desert have been made open.
  • Desert heat has been added.
    - Random between 30 - 70 ticks to get hit by the heat.
    - If you do not have any water source with you, you will get hit by a 3 - 15 damage.
    - This pause during carpet ride or in a city.
  • Carpet ride, can take you to 3 different places for 5k coins. Can only do 1 destination at a time.
    - The money can be taken from the bank but priorities your inventory.
    - Pollnivneach, Nardah, Bedabin camp and Sophanem are the destinations.
  • Pollnivneach
    - Here is two gangs brawling it up. Each gang have their miniboss.
    - Witch on the hill have some battlestaffs for sale.
    - Wolfs to the north and Vulture to the west.
  • Nardah
    - Here is a special herbalist that can clean your herbs or put them into a vial of water for a fee. They need to be noted!
    - Kalphites and crocodiles to the west.
    - Jackal and Lizards to the north.
  • Badabin Camp
    - Here are some goats with Billy.
    - To the north is kalphites.
    - To the south is bandits with their miniboss along with some sand crabs.
  • Quarry
    - Surrounding the area is some Scorpions.
    - To the north east is some Mummies.
  • Sophanem
    - West is some locust rider along with Scarab mage.
    - North west near the mine is some tiny scorpions
    - North is some crocodiles

Combat changes
  • King black dragons special attack put a 1 tick delay after landing.
  • Locust rider or Scarab mage changes style at 50% health left.
  • Dragon dagger got a 1:8 chance to double hit.
    - Made more rare from the deadly spiders.
  • Boss respawns now start at 5 or above players by 1 second per extra player (max 35 players aka 30 second reduce)
  • Combat timer now reset if one of your target dies within 16 distance.
  • Ranged weapon's ranged strength have been reduce by 50%
  • Range rapid style now attack 1 tick faster but give no ranged level.
  • Range accurate style give +3 ranged levels.
  • Mace controlled and scimitar's controlled attack stlye
... [Read More]
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