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Add new cave with ship ticket restriction - 75.00%
9 Votes
Add new cave with coins restriction - 50.00%
6 Votes
Add Jad - 83.33%
10 Votes
Make up to 5 loot drop from Jad - 83.33%
10 Votes
Make 5% requirement for loot participation - 83.33%
10 Votes
Add a agility shortcut - 75.00%
9 Votes
Make mobs inside cave drop dragon arrow tips - 66.67%
8 Votes
Make mobs inside cave be able to burn you - 50.00%
6 Votes
Add antifire potion - 58.33%
7 Votes
Add saradomin brew - 50.00%
6 Votes
Add restore potion - 50.00%
6 Votes
Total Votes: 12
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Content To Add #8
Feb 04, 2023 - 4:54 PM - by Pro Noob
Here is a list of what I wish to add to the game.
Note that you need to click on everything you want added and leave the rest blank!
Please have a read through them before decide what you desire to vote for!
Any of the options need 50% passing for us to know that we can add it into the game.
1 vote per person!
The poll will last for one week.
  1. Should we add a new area (Inferno cave) with the following monsters, TzHaar-Xil, TzHaar-Mej, Tok-Xil, Yt-MejKot and a boss.
    To enter this cave you need to pay a ship ticket everytime or a one time fee of 20 tickets.
  2. If above do not pass, should we still go ahead and add the cave with the monster, but with coins as payment instead. It will cost 50k coins per entry, with a one time fee of 1.5 million coins.
  3. Should we add jad inside this new Inferno cave? You will access him through a cave entrance inside the Inferno cave.
    Jad will be scaled to be taken by 5 people. Jad will drop the following items:
    - New bone type, ogre bones (Best prayer xp)
    - The famous fire cape
    - Blessing that do various thing depening on which type. These are equip below the shield slot. (It's own slot)
    It can be all from giving some neglect damage to accuracy bonuses to various attack styles or damage.
    - Dragon arrow tips
    - Uncut onyx
  4. If above do pass, should we add it so you can get up to 5 loot from jad? This means if you have done a % damage you get that procent chance to retrive a loot of jad for participating in the damage.
  5. If above pass should we make it that you need to do above 5% of the damage to be able to retrieve this extra loot?
  6. Should we make a shortcut to the Inferno cave entrace that requires 75 agility? This will be from crossing the stepping stones in the water.
  7. If question 1 pass, should we make these mobs be able to drop dragon arrow tips? These will be different quantity depending on the difficulty of the mob.
  8. If question 1 pass, should these mob have a chance (1:10) to burn you? This burn will tick every other (.2 sec per damage) and deal 2 - 6 damage for 10 ticks.
  9. If above pass, should we introduce a new potion, Antifire potion? This potion will prevent this damage from hurting you. This effect will last
... [Read More]
5 Replies | 167 Views
Outsourced Development of Dodian
Nov 01, 2022 - 6:05 AM - by Nozemi
Hello, Dodianers!

The way I see it, Dodian's future (unless we settle for what we have now), depends on us as a community being able to outsource the development.
As we all know, I will probably never find the time to deliver us anything, at least not alone.

Stepping Away or Sharing the "Wheel"
If serious, and being in line with the visions we have for Dodian, I'm willing to discuss "handing the wheel over". I'm also willing to discuss sharing the wheel.
Also for clarification; I'm not the owner of Dodian, and thus decisions on how Dodian is run etc is also to some degree decided by, Fabrice L (the owner of Dodian).

For me to consider this possibility, you'll need to check one or more of these points below:
  • Experience running communities
  • Experience with programming (preferably RSPS and/or Java/Kotlin)
  • Decent understanding of what Dodian has been through, what will work, and what won't
  • To some degree be on more or less the same page as me and/or Fabrice L, when it comes to running Dodian
I will remain in a position where if someone decides to stab us in the back, be able to overthrow them.
That being said; I don't overthrow anyone in this position over some personal drama.
We'll discuss the details if it becomes relevant.

I'm not going to gate-keep Dodian or remakes of it, and will to the best of my abilities contribute towards partnerships, cooperations, etc.
So if anyone wishes to make their own remake, I will happily share the spotlight with them.

What I won't do however, is compromise Dodian, and let it be run for reasons to monetize for someone's personal gain.
This is voluntary work towards persisting childhood memories and prolonging whatever nostalgia is left.
Lastly trying to put an effort towards advancing in a direction that doesn't stray too far away from it actually being and feeling like Dodian.

This joint
... [Read More]
10 Replies | 3,291 Views
Maintenance & Chance of Bugs
Jul 26, 2022 - 1:50 PM - by Nozemi
Hello! I'm just here to inform you that you might encounter some bugs with equipping items.

This is due to some maintenance work I just did, making it easier for us to work with our items table. I should have accounted for most of it, but there could be some items not being equipable right now.

Please let us know if you find some of these items, and we'll be on it as soon as we can! Message me or Arch on Discord preferably for a faster response.
0 Replies | 2,776 Views
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